Oeko Tex, GRS Certificates of NextFashion

Oeko Tex, GRS Certificates of NextFashion

We are excited to announce that since early December, NF Trimming has achieved several new milestones. We have made multiple important updates in textile certificates, including BSCI, OEKO-TEX, and GRS. This means that our products not only meet international standards, but also reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability.


Serving European and American customers:


In the fashion industry, we have always regarded providing excellent service to European and American customers as the cornerstone of our business. By continuously improving product quality and focusing on customer needs, we strive to ensure that you find the most unique, stylish, and highest-quality products at NF Trimming


Equipment Update:


To better meet your needs, we have successfully added 26 advanced ribbon weaving machines recently. This will significantly enhance our production capacity and flexibility. Moreover, we plan to purchase the latest embroidery machines in 2024 to advance our technological capabilities and provide you with more unique design and innovative options.


Looking Ahead:


In the future, we will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and services, constantly innovating to meet market challenges. We look forward to providing you with more fashionable choices and growing together with you on the journey of NF Trimming

For more detailed information, please visit our website at www.nftrimming.com. You can also find our latest product and technology updates on the website.


Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to continuing to serve you and create a better fashion experience together in future collaborations.


Sincerest greetings,


NF Trimming


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