New ribbon machines, and expanded its production scale.

New ribbon machines, and expanded its production scale.
Nextfashion Ltd. has always taken innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, constantly introducing new processes and equipment, increasing investment and technological transformation, and improving efficiency. At the beginning of this year, to meet the production needs of the embroidery factory, 2 advanced production machines were added. In October, due to the need to expand production and ensure the production cycle of the ribbon factory, to increase production capacity and improve product quality, the company once again invested a large amount of money to purchase New webbing production and processing equipment to expand scale and increase output!
With the unremitting efforts of the staff and after debugging and operation, the new equipment of the ribbon factory has been installed, debugged, and put into use. So far, the equipment is running normally, the working condition is stable, and the expected results have been achieved. To adapt to market demand and improve product competitiveness, we must purchase automated production machines and improve the precision and advancement of processing equipment to improve the quality and production capacity of parts. The investment in new equipment will greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve labor Productivity, ensuring the stability of product quality, and providing the most powerful guarantee for the company's business development and development! "
The purchase of this new batch of equipment will not only significantly incrand ease production capacity, and improve processing efficiency and quality, but will also comprehensively upgrade our company's hardware image, and at the same time take a solid step toward realizing the company's e stablished strategic plan.


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